Visit toEliseev Food Store

St. Petersburg, Russia


Elisseev Food Store in St Petersburg is a large retail and entertainment complex, including a famous food hall, it constructed in 1902–1903 for the Elisseev Brothers. It is one of the most striking examples of St. Petersburg Art Nouveau architecture designed by architect Gabriel Baranovskiy, although at the time of its construction the building was considered controversial. In the Soviet times, the shop was called Gastronom №1. There one could get delicacies even in times of food shortage during the Soviet era. Eliseevsky shop is one of few museum shops, that not only provides service and good to customers, but also immerses them in the atmosphere of distant epoch so that they can feel how it was –to live in imperial Petersburg, taste rare delicatessen from all over the world right on Nevsky Prospect, among the shine of gilded shop windows.


Terms andConditions

  • Booking minimum 30 days in advance
  • Passport copies of all participants required

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