The GrandKremlin Palace

Moscow, Russia


The Imperial palace was erected on the initiative of Nicholas I in 1838-1850 on the place of ancient building of Moscow Great Prince Ivan III’ Palace and palace of Empress Elisabeth Petrovna of the XVIII century.

The palace complex, later called “The Grand Kremlin Palace”, besides the new building included a part of  survived constructions of ancient Great Princes’ and later royal residence of the late XV-XVII centuries. These are the Faceted Chamber (the XV century), the Golden Tsarina’s Chamber (the XVI century), the Terem Palace (the XVII century) and the palatial home churches. The Armory Chamber built in 1851 and the adjacent Apartments block, connected with the palace complex by an aerial passage, was added to form the Grand Kremlin Palace’s complex.

The interiors of the imperial palace numbers about 700 chambers,  including  the  main  hall  with  a  staircase,  five ceremonial Order halls, receiving ceremonial quarters of the Empress, living quarters of the imperial family, so called “The Private hemi section” and service chambers located on the ground-floor. The gorgeous interior decor in the style of the epoch is created in various styles – from the Renaissance to the Byzantine-Russian Style. Exquisiteness, delicate taste and perfect quality of work feature the palace’s decor. The Palace is an outstanding example of the Russian Palace interior.

In 1933-1934, the Alexandrovsky and Andreevsky Halls of the Palace were reconstructed for the hall of Supreme Council of the USSR sessions. For many years it lost the magnificence of interiors. In 1994-1998, on the order of the President of the Russian Federation, the Grand Kremlin Palaces’ interiors were restored.

Nowadays, the whole Grand Kremlin Palace’s Complex, besides the Armory, houses the residence of the President of the Russian Federation.


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