Poem about cognac

Saint-Petersburg, Russia


For amateurs of unusual atmospheric excursions, we present a new series of meetings of the Idea Club and invite you to visit the legendary cellars of the “Dagvino” plant and taste excellent cognacs from Armenian, French and Dagestan distillates.

Accompanied by classical music, we will walk through the mysterious cellars with neat rows of oak barrels and the aroma of cognac in order to

  • HEAR about the cognac production process and the nuances of the production and maintenance of oak barrels;
  • THINK if any oak is suitable for a barrel and why they are hunted all over the world;
  • DISCUSS why the aroma in the “French” gallery of cellars differs from the aroma in the “Caucasian” one;
  • LEARN how to earn the special status of the Kremlin’s supplier;
  • TALK whether the quality of cognac depends on the time of its aging and how, in general, this aging is calculated in Russia and France;
  • and, finally, TASTE 4 types of cognac, selected specially for our “acquaintance” with the cellars.


Terms andConditions

  • Booking minimum 30 days in advance
  • Passport copies of all participants required

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