amber workshop anda master class with restorer

Saint Petersburg, Russia


Visiting the former Tsars Village and the Palace of Paul the First in Pavlovsk can be quite entertaining since it can include not only traditional sightseeing and historical facts from the palace construction and long reconstrucion after WWII but visiting the Amber Workshop and a master class of Russian cuisine in a local restaurant. During the tour to Catherine palace you will have an exclusive chance to visit an Amber Workshop — the only of its kind, unique in the whole world, the place where the famous Amber Room was restored after many years of being lost. The program of the tour includes the excursion to the Museum of Amber Workshop and the Amber Workshop itself. In the museum you can see works of modern masters, works of historical reconstruction and the collection of hard stones that were used in the reconstruction of the interior of the Florentine mosaics of the Amber Room. In addition to this excursion we can offer you an Exclusive Master Class Program under the direction of a master restorer. You will be offered a real piece of amber, which was intended to recreate the Amber Room, a set of tools, as well as access to the polishers. During the master class, you will be able to handle your own piece of amber and make a little engraving. After the master class you can take a crafted piece with you as a souvenir!


Terms andConditions

  • Booking minimum 30 days in advance
  • Passport copies of all participants required

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