Sergiev Posad
The town emerged long time ago, round the St.Trinity Sergius Lavra, the monastery established here by one of the most honoured Russian saints, reverent Sergius of Radonezh.

The monastery was founded by St. Sergius in 1340 and  got the status of Lavra in 1744, has currently become a place of pilgrimage of the Russian Orthodox Church and one of the most interesting museums, where one may find the icons of Andrei Rublev and other famous masters of the 15th–18th century.

The architecture ensemble of monastery created during the long period of the 14th–19th centuries is a unique sample of wonderful combination of different architectural styles forming the most impressive and harmonious composition.

The town is located 70 km from Moscow. The main place of interest here is the St. Trinity — Sergius Lavra, the religious center of Russian Orthodox church, the residence of the Patriarch of All Russia, a working monastery, with the Theological Academy.

The architectural ensemble of the 15th–19th centuries represents all stages in the development of Russian architecture, it contains the Church of the Trinity (famous for its icons painted by Andrei Rublev), the Cathedral of Assumption dating back to 1554 (its five enormous bulb-shaped towers are painted in blue and gold), a tiny colorful chapel and a miraculous fountain nearby the tomb of Boris Godunov and his family; the elegant Baroque belfry built in the middle of the 18th century by Rastrelli, the architect of St. Petersburg.