Borodino Battle Panorama
The Museum-Panorama "Borodino Battle" is devoted to the brightest episode of the Patriotic War of 1812 – the battle between Russian and French armies near the Borodino village.

It was opened  in 1962.

The main exhibit in the Museum is the huge panorama by Frantz Rubo, depicting the scenes of Borodino Battle. It is a 15 meter (50 feet) high and 115 meter (383 feet) wide canvas located in a round hall with a viewing platform which is "the centre of the battle". On the canvas you will find the portraits of some famous historical personalities and the two outstanding commanders Michael Kutuzov and Napoleon Bonaparte.

The author reproduces a most critical episode of the battle on September 7, 1812, when Napoleon determined to crush the Russian army by charging his main forces against it, failed.

Tour of the panorama hall with the observation platform is accompanied by noise effects that reproduce the battle sounds.