Diamond Fund
The Diamond Fund is the state collection of the unique diamonds, jewelry and precious minerals dating from 18th century to the present days.

The Russian Diamond fund is located in the Kremlin Armory Chamber.It was added to the Armoury in 1922, however it was only in 1976 that it was opened to the public. Today the Armory building houses an exhibition of the Diamond Fund where one can see a fascinating collection of the rarest stones and jewelry.

This exhibition displays unique state treasures, including historical relics such as the State Regalia: the Orb, Sceptre, and  large Imperial Crown of gold, silver, diamonds and pearls made for the coronation of Catherine the Great, the huge world-famous Orlov and Shah diamonds, the world's largest cut sapphire (258.8 carats) and the Big Bouquet — magnificent piece of jewelry set with diamonds and emeralds (18th century). The exhibition also features a collection of Yakut diamonds and masterpieces by modern jewelers. There are special show-cases with wide collection of emeralds, rubies, sapphires and alexandrites and, of course, semi-precious stones from the Ural mountains. There is the oldest collection of the gold and platinum nuggets on display. It is more than 150 years old.

Here one can find the largest of the existing gold nuggets — "The Big Triangle" (36 kg).

The base of the Diamond Fund collection are the imperial regalias accumulated during the centuries. All this treasures were not the personal property of Russian Tsars, it belonged to the "crown" meaning the state. Russian Tsars and Tsarinas could borrow items from this jewerly collection only for "temporary use".

The tour makes you feel and understand better the glorious past of the Russian Empire.