Tsars and craftsmen tour
You will start your day at the Village Shuvalovka, the joyful world of Russian handicrafts.  Meet a smith, watch him forge a nail. Bring home your handmade bast plaited souvenir after visiting the master-class of a hostess having good hand at the Russian bast plaiting. The genuine Russian tea with bread-rings and world famous pancakes will complete the visit to the Village and make the rest of the day pleasant.

In the afternoon you will proceed to Petrodvorets to be offered a spacious tour of the grounds of the Imperial residence, both its quite corners and immensely luxurious and ornate palaces:
  •     the Cottage Palace of Nicolas I where his family spent the most romantic and delightful days;
  •     the Bath House that reveals the secrets of the Tsars' everyday life;
  •     and finally the Grand Palace, a witness of love affairs, ups and downs of several generations of the Royal family.
At the end of the tour follow your way into the park. 155 fountains and 5 water cascades made the residence the world’s capital of fountains. The tour finishes at the shore of the Gulf of Finland, you will find there a hydrofoil that will take you back to St. Petersburg. This is your chance to view the Grand palace and the Grand Cascade of fountains from the water. Keep it in memory, the view is breathtaking!