Museum of Russian vodka

Russian Vodka Museum

St. Petersburg. Russia.

  1. Russian Vodka Museum is considered one of the most extraordinary and impressive museums in our city
  2. The exposition tells in detail about the historical chronicle of events and facts of creation Russian alcoholic beverage
  3. Here you will learn when and where vodka was invented, as well as how and from what glasses they drank it, what snack you shoud have, what vodka is made from, and when the first monopoly on its production was introduced

            The museum is located in the historical center of St. Petersburg near St. Isaac's Square, in the building where before the revolution there were barracks of Life Guards Regiment of His Imperial Majesty.You will learn many interesting facts about the history of the national beverage, which you did not know before.

            The exhibition tells about the historical chronicle of events and facts in creation of a Russian alcoholic beverage. Two compositions of three wax figures are represented in the spacious hall. One of the them will help you experience the unique atmosphere of the XV century, when the monks of the Chudov monastery in the Moscow Kremlin were able to get grain alcohol for the first time. Old iconographic engravings, portraits of the grand dukes, kings, emperors and other important historic figures occupy most of the exposition. The main part of the collection includes old containers, vessels, kitchen utensils. A special pride of the museum are the bottles belonging to the famous factories of the Russian kings of distillery production of the XIX century. Russian masters of glass and porcelain left numerous examples of their unfading creativity to descendants , once again proving that the feast - is not just drinking, but a beautiful ritual, whose roots go back centuries of Russian history.

            Tour of the museum brings visitors a real pleasure. A fascinating journey in time will provide you with a unique opportunity to get in touch with Russian drinking culture and appreciate the national drink. After viewing the exhibition, each guest can look at a small bright room, decorated in the style of a Russian tavern of the beginning of XX century. There, leaning on a high table, you can taste several varieties of vodka with traditional Russian snacks.

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