Veliki Novgorod (City of Russian Soul)

Veliky Novgorod.

St. Petersburg. Russia.

  1. Veliky Novgorod is one of the oldest and most famous cities in Russia (it officially celebrated 1150th anniversary in 2009 )
  2. In 1992, by decision of UNESCO the Historic Monuments of Novgorod and its Surroundings were classified as World Heritage Sites
  3. Novgorod United Museum Reserve is one of the oldest in Russia
  4. It is the only place in Russia, where on a small plot of land there are seven multi-style temples
  5. Guests have the opportunity to visit the Theatre of Time - "Russian Troy"


          Veliky Novgorod - one of the oldest cities in Russia is located on the North-West at the source of the River Volkhov and Lake Ilmen. Its history is inextricably linked with all key stages of life of the Russian state.

            Today Veliky Novgorod - one of the most important centres of education and the largest European art center.

            The Novgorod Museum Reserve is a complex of monuments of XI-XVII centuries. Movable fixed funds include more than 400 000 exhibits , auxiliary research -more than 300 000 items. As part of the Museum-Reserve there are 17 departments engaged in research, conservation, education, guiding and other activities.

            In the Novgorod Kremlin there is a unique building, one of the mysteries of architecture in the town - Chamber of the Facets. This is Russia's first building in the Gothic style "of thirty-three doors." The architecture of the ancient city is truly unique - it contains an amazing variety of styles and times, which, despite the eclecticism, are in amazing harmony. Novgorod, Byzantine, Moscow trends are evident in the amazing buildings on the site of the ancient Market . Here you can see the the Transfiguration Church on Ilyina Street, its stunning frescoes of the famous Byzantine painter Theophanes the Greek. You can touch the frozen time, be in the centre of the history at the new exhibition "Theatre of Time: Trinity excavation", which historians rightly called "Russian Troy". You have a unique chance to become spectators of the theatre, where the scenery is hundreds of years older than the audience and see the sensational archaeological finds.

            One of the picturesque corners, a favourite of the the Novgorodians and the guests of the city, is the Museum of Wooden Architecture-Vitoslavlitsy, that contains masterpieces of wooden architecture. Twice a year, at Christmastide and Shrovetide, Novgorodians organize here big festivals, bright and cheerful, which allow you to experience the atmosphere of a unique holiday.


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