Saint Petersburg. Russia.

1.                      Pavlovsk is the summer residence of Emperor Paul I and his family

2.                      Antique sculpture of Pavlovsk ranks second after the Hermitage collection

3.                      Pavlovsk is the largest landscape park in Russia and Europe

4.                      Pavlovsk became the first emperor`s palace-museum complex restored from ruins in a suburbs of St. Petersburg

5.                      Every year there is the festival of flower and landscape art "Imperial Bouquet"

Palace and park ensemble of Pavlovsk, created in the heyday of Russian classicism of the late XVIII - early XIX centuries is a monument of cultural heritage under UNESCO protection. The summer residence of Emperor Paul, the son of Catherine the Great, has one of the largest landscape parks in Europe and Russia – it occupies an area of 600 hectares.

Outstanding palace and park ensemble of the late XVIII - early XIX centuries was created during 50 years on the banks of a winding river Slavyanka. Such architects as Cameron Ch., Brenna V., Kvarengi D., VoronikhinA., Rossi C., sculptors Kozlovsky M., Martos I., Prokofiev I., Gordeev F. and Demut-Malinovsky G. contributed to its design.

The collection of the Pavlovsk Palace was formed thanks to trips to Europe made by owners of Pavlovsk in 1781-1782. Visiting the workshops of famous masters, they ordered and acquired paintings, furniture, bronze articles, silk fabrics, china sets,and also brought a large number of antique sculptures from Italy together with the gifts received from the royal courts of Europe.


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