St. Petersburg. Russia.

1.                      Peterhof is the most amazing palace and park ensemble in the world, often called the Russian Versailles

2.                      Royal summer residence was dedicated to Russia's victory in the Northern War - the key moment in Russian history, that turned it into the Empire

3.                      All 150 fountains and 5 cascades operate without the use of pumps and any mechanical device

4.                      Since 1990, Peterhof has been included in the UNESCO list as a monument of cultural heritage

5.                      Currently there are 20 museums in Peterhof open to the public, they represent different epocs of the grand residence from the time of Peter I to the beginning of XX century

Many people compare Peterhof to Versailles, but if you visit Peterhof - you will find that, without a doubt, our park and numerous palaces surpass the famous residence of the French kings. Founded in the early XVIII century by Emperor Peter I in the vicinity of the new capital, Peterhof has become one of the most luxurious royal summer residence and a kind of triumphal monument to the successful completion of Russia's struggle for access to the Baltic Sea.

Not trees and flowers brought world fame to Peterhof , but namely its unique and numerous fountains. The world's largest system of fountains and water cascades were created there. The appearance of this miracle was made possible thanks to the initiative of Peter I, who developed his own system of water supply without a single pump. The park of Peterhof is divided into Upper and Lower parks, where there is the fountain complex, which equal in the beauty and abundance of nowhere else in the world. Lower park covers 130 hectares and is fueled by a 22-kilometer water pipeline, which is fed by underground springs near Ropsha.

During a walk through the beautiful park you can visit numerous palaces, museums: Grand Peterhof Palace, Palace Church Building, Special Treasury, Monplaisir Palace, Catherine Block, Bathhouse, the Hermitage, Marley Palace and other expositions.The luxurious gala residence of the Russian court can not leave anyone indifferent.

The Second World War is a tragic period in the history of the palace and park ensemble, during which it was almost completely destroyed by enemy artillery.

The ensemble of Peterhof began to revive after the war and continues to be restored so far. The Lower Park was opened in 1945, one year later the survived fountains were turned on, and in a year the "Samson" fountain was again recreated.The fountain was so beautiful that even the Nazis could not destroy it during the war – they took it to their homeland . Samson, which jet plays at the hight of 20 meters, was restored and placed in the center of the Grand Cascade.


1.      A trip by hydrofoil (single or return ticket)

2.      Early entrance to the palace

3.      VIP entrance

4.      Organization of your events in the palace

5.      Trishaw ride in the park


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