Menshikov Palace

Menshikov Palace

St. Petersburg. Russia.


            1. The palace was built for the closest associate of Peter I, the first Governor-General of St. Petersburg, Alexander Danilovich Menshikov

            2. Menshikov Palace is one of the first stone buildings of St. Petersburg

            3. At the time of PeterI the palace was the administrative center of the city, the venue for numerous celebrations and events of national importance

            4. Foreigners called the palace "the most magnificent in all St. Petersburg."

            Menshikov Palace is located on Vasilevsky Island, which Peter I gave to his closest associate, General Field Marshal, Generalissimo, His Highness Prince, President of the Military Collegium, the first governor of St. Petersburg - Alexander Menshikov immediately after the founding of St. Petersburg

            The palace became one of the first stone buildings of St. Petersburg, it is a true architectural monument of Peter's time. Such famous architects as Fontana in 1710-1712, Schedel in 1713-1727, Trezzini, Leblon, Rastrelli in 1717-1719 took part in its creation.

            This residential building was the administrative center of the new capital in the early period of its construction. Assemblies, receptions, celebrations were held in honour of the Northern War in the palace of His Highness Prince Menshikov. The wedding of Peter I 's niece Anna Ivanovna and the Duke of Courland Friedrich Wilhelm, held on October 31, 1710 became the first major celebration in the palace. State issues of St. Petersburg construction, the organization of the army and the creation of the fleet were solved there.

            Foreigners called the palace "the most magnificent in all Petersburg", the premises are located "in a great way, it is spacious, proportional, the furnishingsare exceptionally exquisite. " Menshikov was one of those who proclaimed European values, introduced a new way of life and etiquette in Russia . Therefore, in the palace there were such facilities as a hall for receptions and assemblies, grand reception rooms and bedrooms, studies, kitchen, turnery, rooms for secretaries and others. The interiors were decorated according to the fashion of the time: inlaid and carved wood, painted Dutch and Russian-made tiles, leather and textiles.


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