Yusupov Palace

Yusupov Palace on the Moika River

St. Petersburg. Russia.

1. The palace is distinguished by the beauty and luxury of its interiors

2. It belonged to wealthy aristocratic family of the Yusupovs

3. Here, in December 1916 the murder of Grigory Rasputin took place

4. The palace is used as a museum, a concert hall, for theatre performances and high-level meetings

            Yusupov Palace on the river Moika in St. Petersburg is often called an encyclopedia of Saint Petersburg aristocratic interior design. Reception rooms of regal luxury and majestic spacious halls were used for ceremonial receptions and large balls, which Yusupov Palace was famous for throughout St. Petersburg. The palace was owned by five generations of the famous aristocratic family of the Yusupovs from 1830 to 1917. That's when the palace acquired its current splendour and elegance and became one of the most luxurious and elegant princely residences.

            On the night of 17 December 1916 Grigory Rasputin, a Siberian peasant who became a spiritual mentor and friend of the family of Emperor Nicholas II, was killed in the living quarters of young Prince Felix Yusupov. Interiors, where there was this famous murder, are also available for visit with a guided tour.

            For two and a half centuries, the purpose and status of the old mansion and urban estate on the Moika changed repeatedly. Princely family residence of the Yusupovs, Noble Life Museum, the Regional Teacher's House, St. Petersburg Palace of Culture for Educators, historical and cultural palace complex of federal significanceand European fame ....

            At present governmental and diplomatic meetings, international conferences and symposia take place here. In the book of honourable guests of the Yusupov Palace there are names of public figures of Russia, including the Russian President - Vladimir Putin, the leaders of St. Petersburg, the heads of foreign states: Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, Queen Sofia of Norway, King Constantine II of Greece and others. At various times, the palace was visited by Liza Minnelli, super model Naomi Campbell, singers Sting and Cliff Richards, rock band Rolling Stones.


  1. Seeing theatre performances and concerts
  2. Using the halls of the palace for your event


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