Historical Museum of Artillery

Military-Historical Museum of Artillery,Engineer and Signal Corps

St. Petersburg. Russia.

            1. The Artillery Museum is one of the largest military museums in the world.It contains more than 850 thousand exhibits

            2. The museum was founded in the reign of Peter I

            3. The museum has available exhibitions devoted to Field Marshal Mikhail Kutuzov

            4. Military History Museum provides an opportunity to get acquainted in detail with the works of the designer of small arms - MT Kalashnikov

            Military Historical Museum is located in the historic center of the city, in Kronverk of the Peter and Paul Fortress. This is one of the oldest museums in St. Petersburg and one of the largest military museums in the world, it contains more than 850 thousand exhibits.Its full name is Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineer and Signal Corps.

            Museum originates from the Zeughaus (German - gun house), founded in 1703 by Peter I, who gave the first orders for the preservation of old guns. From1776 it was located in the building of Arsenal on Liteiny Prospect (later – a district court). Since 1869 the museum has been located in Kronverk of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

            In our time, the exposition of the Military Historical Museum of Artillery is placed in 13 halls on an area of over 17,000 square meters. Among the exhibits there are artillery and ammunition, small and cold steel arms, military engineering equipment, means of military communications, battle flags, military uniforms, battle paintings and drawings, awards and decorations reflecting the history of artillery throughout its development from XIV to the XX centuries. Visitors can learn about the history of missile weapons, as well as about the development of Engineer and Signal Corps  from antiquity to the present.

            A huge museum collection of various types of weapons is the best examples of the work of the world's largest arms makers, and to one of them, the famous Russian designer, Kalashnikov M.T., a hall was dedicated in the main museum. The Artillery Museum also took the exhibits from the memorial house-museum of Mikhail Kutuzov from the Polish town of Bolesławiec . They got a second life in Kutuzov Hall. Central element of the exhibition is the reconstructed room, where great Russian commander Kuruzov spent his last days.

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