Summer Garden

Summer Garden

St. Petersburg. Russia

  1. Summer garden it is a favourite brainchild of Peter I, the jewel in the necklace of Petersburg parks
  2. The fence of Summer Garden is one of the best works of classical architecture, a world renowned masterpiece. It is associated with two legends
  3. A total of fifty fountains are established in the Summer Garden, water for them came from the River Unnamed Branch (in Russian Bezymayanny Erick). Since then it is called the Fontanka River (Fountain River)
  4. Now Summer Garden is a part of the Russian Museum

            In 1704 Peter I ordered to lay out a large garden, like the renowned Western European parks of the time, he outlined its original plan and ordered to plant annuals every year, meaning summer plants. Hence the name – Summer Garden. Peter I wanted the garden of his summer residence to be as good as the famous gardens of European monarchs. Marble statues and busts, mostly made by Venetian masters at the end of XVII - beginning of XVIII century, were ordered in Italy to decorate the garden. The heirs continued the work, and by the end of the reign of Elizabeth (daughter of Peter) there were two hundred statues.

            Already in 1706 there appeared the first fountain, and in 1710 the Summer Palace was built by the Neva. The author of the project was D.Trezzini, who came to Russia at the invitation of Peter I. Russian and foreign architects: I.Matveev, D.Trezzini, J.-B.Leblon, A.Shlyuter, M.Zemtsov, F.-B., gardeners Y.Roozen, I.Surmin, K.Shreder, I.Yakovlev, P.Lukyanov and others worked to complete the garden. Within a few years of its existence, the Summer Garden became the centre of political and official life, court ceremonies and celebrations.

            Neva fencing of the Summer Garden, designed by the architect Felten ,was created along the northern side of the garden in connection with the arrangement of the the Neva River embankment in 1784. Impressive monumentality of the fence is combined with lightness, simplicity and elegance. According to a legend, a wealthy Englishman, who dreamed to see the beauty of the city, went by boat to the fence of the Summer Garden, did not even go ashore, thinking that nothing could be more beautiful. According to another legend, the Americans have offered a hundred of new locomotives for it.

            During a walk in the Summer Garden, Emperor Alexander II had an attempt upon his life. The tsar was alive, and the chapel was set up in memory of this(which was dismantled after the revolution).


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