Church of the Saviour on Spilt Blood

Saviour on Spilled Blood.

St.Petersburg. Russia.

1.                      The cathdral,one of the architectural gems of St. Petersburg, was built in the style of Russian architecture of the XVI - XVII centuries, in the neo-Russian style,

2.                      It was built on the site of the death of Emperor Alexander II - March 1, 1881. Construction lasted from 1883 to 1907,

3.                      The cathedral is also a monument of history and architecture, and the fuctioning Orthodox church at the same time,

4.                      More than 7,000 thousand square meters of mosaics adorn the facade and interior of the cathedral,

4.                      Italian marble and minerals from the Urals and other regions of Russia were used in the decoration of the cathedral.

Church of the Saviour on Blood - beautiful, bright church in pseudo-Russian style, was founded in 1883 on the site of the tragic events -on March 1, 1881 Emperor Alexander II, heading to the place of the military parade on the Field of Mars that day, was mortally wounded there. His son, Alexander III, ordered to build a church on this site to regullary commemorate the deceased emperor. That is why the temple got the name of the Saviour on Spilled Blood, although officially it is called the Church of the Resurrection. One project proposed by architect Alfred Parland was selected from many others. Inside the cathedral they built a special tented canopy of jasper, lapis lazuli and rhodonite , under it there is an intact fragment of the Catherine Canal (Canal Griboyedova): part of the railing,sidewalk slabs ,and cobblestones. For this it was necessary to change the shape of the waterfront - the foundation of the cathedral at 8, 5 meters pushed the canal bed. Construction was completed in 1907.

After the Revolution the church was closed. It has been used for other purposes, and besides,the Cathedral suffered during the war. For a long time it was left unrestored. In 1970 Saviour on Spillled Blood was placed under the patronage of St. Isaac's Cathedral, which has allocated 80% of money for its restoration. In 1997 the Church of the Saviour on Blood opened its doors to visitors as a museum that contains a huge collection of mosaic icons (more than 7,000 square meters). Artists Vasnetsov V.M., Nesterov M.V., Ryabushkin A.P .worked over the mosaic decoration of the cathedral.

Services are currenlty held in Saviour on Spilled Blood Church .


1.      opening before and after working hours,

2.      private concerts.

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