St.Isaac Cathedral

St.Isaak’ Cathedral.

St.Petersburg. Russia.

1. St. Isaac's Cathedral is the biggest cathedral of St. Petersburg

2. It has got biggest dome gilded through fire gilding

3. 48 huge monolithic granite columns, each weighing 114 tons, decorate porticos of the cathedral.

4. St. Isaac's Cathedral has been rightly called a museum of minerals. More than 16 kinds of granite, marble, malachite, lapis lazuli ... were used in the decoration.

5. The best artists and sculptors participated in the design of the cathedral.

6. The biggest Foucault pendulum functioned there in Soviet times.

The history of the construction of St. Isaac of Dalmatia Cathedral in St. Petersburg goes back to the days of Peter I. The founder of St. Petersburg was born on the day of St Isaac - MAY 30 (9 June), 1672.

Modern St Isaac's Cathedral is the fourth version of the temple, built in the XIX century, during the term of 40 years from 1818 to 1858 by the French architect Auguste Montferrand. After the consecration but before the revolution, it was the main temple of the Russian Empire.

St. Isaac's Cathedral is the fourth tallest domed structure in the world after St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome, St. Paul's in London and St Maria del Fiore in Florence.

During the Soviet era thanks to the outstanding height of the cathedral (93m inside and 101.5 m outside ) a scientific experiment confirming the Earth's rotation around its axis was demonstrated for the visitors with the help of the world's largest Foucault pendulum. Decoration of the cathedral is impressive. 100 kg of pure gold were used for the gilded dome only. Moreover, 300 kg of gold decorate the interior of the cathedral.

The best artists worked to create frescoes of the dome, vaults of the cathedral, and easel painting of the pylons. 62 beautiful Roman mosaics were made in the technique of direct method, the majority of them are in the iconostasis, which is decorated with ten malachite and two lapis lazuli columns.


1.      Orthodox service in the Alexander Nevsky chapel,

2.      concerts of classical and religious music,

3.      climbing to the colonnade where there is a view of the city from a bird's flight.


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