Peter and Paul Fortress

Peter and Paul Fortress.

Saint Petersburg. Russia.

1.                      The first building in the city, the history of the founding of St. Petersburg

2.                      Outstanding monument of fortification with three centuries of history

3.                      Peter and Paul Cathedral - one of the oldest temples of the city

4.                      Burial place of Russian emperors and their families, including the tomb of the family of last Russian Tsar Nicholas II

5.                      Exposition of the political prison "Trubetskoy Bastion"

Date of foundation of Peter and Paul Fortress -May 27, 1703, is the birthday of the city of St. Petersburg. Thanks to the victory in the Northern War against Sweden, Peter conquered the land in the delta of the Neva River, access to the Baltic Sea and founded the fortress. For over two centuries, the fortress was a political prison where the opponents of the tsarist regime were imprisoned.

After the death of the founder of St. Petersburg, Peter the Great, it was decided to bury the Russian emperors in the Peter and Paul Cathedral. In 1998 the remains of the family of the last emperor, Nicholas II were solemnly buried here .

There is a number of interesting historical buildings in the fortress: Grand Ducal Burial Vault , Mint (functioning), Commandant's House, cemetery of the commandants of the fortress, the exhibition dedicated to the history and architecture of St. Petersburg, the levels of the most catastrophic floods in the history of the city, Neva gates.


1.                      Orthodox service in the cathedral

2.                      Walk along the Neva curtain

3.                      Midday shot of the cannon

4.                      Climbing to the bell tower where you'll see the clock mechanism and the carillon.


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