City Tour

City tour

St. Petersburg Russia

  1. The tour gives you the opportunity to get a general impression about the history and architecture of one of the most beautiful cities in the world
  2. Interesting journey covers outstanding monuments, architectural ensembles, which Petersburg is famous for.
  3. Our city - the only one in Europe (if not to take into account Versailles) which since its foundation was built according the master plan
  4. The city owes its beauty to the Neva River, where the best creations of Russian and European architects are located
  5. The creation of Peter the Great and his outstanding successors will appear before you in all its glory.

            During our tour you will get acquainted with the main sights of St. Petersburg: architectural monuments belonging to different epochs and styles, beautiful Neva embankment, magnificent palaces, cathedrals and unique bridges. You will see St Isaac's Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral, Peter and Paul Cathedral, Savior on Spilled Blood Cathedral, the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, Palace Square, Neva Embankment, a monument to Peter the Great, Summer Garden, the Mariinsky Theatre and many more. The tour is not only about sights themselves, but also about prominent people who created our city, lived and worked on the banks of the Neva. Petersburg is one of the most mysterious cities. Built on a swamp, it quickly turned into a pearl of European architecture. Myths and legends of the city on the Neva River, about which we'll tell you, are still present to this day.

            The route in comfortable transport includes a few stops, where during a short walk, you can take pictures.


  1. Visiting Peter and Paul Fortress
  2. Visiting St. Isaac's Cathedral
  3. Visiting Savior on Spilled Blood Catherdral


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