Fabergé Museum

Fabergé Museum.

Saint Petersburg. Russia.

1.                 The museum represents works by Fabergé, the king of jewelers and the jeweler of kings

2.                 The coleccion has more than 4000 objects

3.                 The  pearls of the collection are 14 eggs, 9 of which are imperial (in Moscow - 10)

4.                 The exposition is located in the restored Palace of the Counts Shuvalov

Saint Petersburg’s first Fabergé Museum was opened for private visits at the Shuvalov Palace, 21 Fontanka Canal. The museum is dedicated to the art of Peter Carl Fabergé, as well as his contemporaries and followers.

The Fabergé Museum in St.Petersburg is the only one museum in the world dedicated to one of history's greatest jewelers Carl Peter Fabergé. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Fabergé served as the official supplier to Russia's czars and aristocracy, as well as to the British Crown, Scandinavian, Greek and Bulgarian Courts and the rulers of Siam (now Thailand). Faberge created an aesthetic in art that to this very day symbolizes excellence and perfection.

The museum is a centrepiece for some of Fabergé’s most famous creations, such as the Imperial Coronation Egg which was created in 1897 by Fabergé workmasters.

Aside from this, visitors will also see other works of Peter Carl Fabergé, including some of the 200 spectacular objects formerly owned by the New York Forbes family, such as the nine Imperial eggs acquired by Mr. Vekselberg in 2004 for over $100 million, as well as some of the 100 cigarette-cases, hundreds of pieces once owned by the San Francisco collector Andre Ruzhnikov, including his prized collection of about 150 articles in cloisonné enamel by the celebrated Muscovite master Fedor Rueckert, and hundreds of objects acquired privately and at auction over the last years by the Aurora Investment Fund.

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