North Pole Voyage

Day 1

Welcome to Moscow, a bright and crowded megapolis. Be sure — you’ll have a rest from a city throng in the Arctic and will be able to feel the difference.
Transfer to the hotel, check in.

Day 2 

Moscow — Murmansk charter flight. Let us introduce you a nuclear-powered icebreaker “Yamal”, one of the most powerful ships in the world.
Transfer to the airport for our 2-hour flight to Murmansk. We’ll board "Yamal" and leave the city port passing Kola Bay.

Day 3 

The Barents Sea
Don’t miss the instructions on helicopter activities — welcome to a Real Expedition.
We head northward towards the Franz Josef Land archipelago.
In the meantime we will be shown around the ship and the sophisticated technical equipment in the engine room.
Helicopter instructions are obligatory for every passenger.

Day 4–5 

Franz Josef Land Archipelago
We cross 80° North latitude and penetrate the remote world of ancient pack ice, towering volcanic mountains, icebergs and glaciers. Discovered only in 1873 by an Austrian expedition aboard the "Tegetthoff", most of the archipelago remains largely unexplored. Our onboard helicopters will afford astonishing views of the area's magnificent landscape.
If the weather and ice approve of our expedition plans we’ll call at Tikhaya (Calm) Bay to view Rubini Rock with numerous seabird colonies. Our experienced Captain will do his best to approach close to the sheer basalt cliff. If there is no fog by the coast of the bay we will witness a deserted research station.
We have good chances to encounter polar bears and walruses whilst passing by the archipelago. Walruses are imposing, while the touching behavior of polar bears sometimes makes us forget about the wild and predatory nature of these animals. Attracted by the unfamiliar object and smell curious polar bears approach close to the ship, offering an excellent photographic opportunities.
We may visit Cape Norway where Norwegian explorers Fridtjof Nansen and Hjalmar Johansen wintered in 1896–1897. Don’t be confused if you don’t know these guys — our experienced historians, naturalists and travelers will do their utmost to acquaint you with the most significant and interesting features of the Arctic. 

Day 6–7 

Towards the Pole
It’s hard to say whether the aim achievement is more exciting than the process of achieving itself. The experience of watching the 75000 horsepower Yamal battling its way through some of the toughest ice in the world may be one of the most memorable. Experiencing the breathtaking views of the operating icebreaker as observed from our helicopters will further deepen your emotions.
If we find a suitable block of ice we can take a walk on the ice.

Day 8 

The North Pole
We expect to reach the North Pole in the evening. We hope to find a suitable ice block to disembark and have the a North Pole picnic on the ice. Now you know what it is like: standing on the top of the world. The most daring can take a plunge into the Arctic Ocean. You can literally have a round-the-world walk in our International round dance.

Day 9–11

Course due south
Though the North Pole is the main goal of our expedition, our adventure is not over yet and we have some more interesting things to see in the latter part of our expedition.
Our icebreaker is heading south, smashing through ice hummocks and pack ice. If weather and ice conditions are not against our plans we will visit some places on the Franz Josef Land archipelago.

Day 12–14

Barents Sea
You will have time to share your emotions with your companions and Expedition team and to comprehend that now you belong to a select group of people who have conquered the North Pole.
After disembarkation in the port of Murmansk we will fly to Moscow to spend one more evening in the capital of Russia.

Day 15

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport.