Palanga is a resort town through which the Sventoji River and Raze (Samogitian: Ronze) rivers flow into the Baltic Sea. Palanga municipality extends from Nemirseta in the south to the Latvian border in the north. The center of the 24 kilometer length of sea — coast is Old Palanga. Palanga is historically subdivided to Nemirseta, Vanagupe, Kunigiskiai, Manciskiai, and Sventoji — five neighboring fishermen villages which were incorporated into the city after an administrative reform. When Lithuania Minor (neighboring Palanga) was part of Germany, Nemirseta was the northernmost village of that country.

During the summer, hordes of tourists descend on Palanga, both for the beach and the seaside carnival centered on J. Basanavicius Street, which is a pedestrian thoroughfare during the summer months. There are dozens of restaurants, bars, rides, sideshows, and other entertainment, most featuring bright lights, loud music, and thousands of people on the weekends. The previously-mentioned Amber Museum is located within an extensive botanical garden.

There is one of the oldest still working drugstores in Lithuania, established in the mid-19th century.