By the legend Kiev was founded by 3 brothers — Kiy, Scheck, Horif and their sister Lybid. The city was named after the eldest brother — Kiev. Historians claim that first people settled on the territory of modern Kiev by the V century. The place for the city was well selected - high bank vaults of the river Dnieper served as a good defense from incursion of nomad tribes. In 882 Oleg prince of Novgorod captured Kiev and made it the capital of Old Russian powerful state — Kievan Rus. Kievan Rus' is considered a predecessor state of three modern East Slavic nations: Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

Favorable position of Kiev on the water trade route "from Varangians (Viking)  to Greeks" downstream Dnieper contributed to its further fast development. In IX and first half of X centuries Kiev considered to be the largest trade, cultural and craft center of Eastern Europe contesting with the capital of Byzantine Empire — Constantinople.

During the times of World War II Kiev was almost fully destroyed, 72 days lasted heroically Kiev defense against fascist invaders. The city was Released on the 6 November 1943 by the price of big loss and human lives. In post-war period Kiev rebuild swiftly.

Now Kiev is the big cultural and scientifical centre with about 3 millions peoples.