Vladivostok was founded in 1860 during Russia’s second push across the Amur River. Between its founding and the closing to foreigners in 1958, Vladivostok was a fairly international city.

Vladivostok is the major city in the Russian Far East. It is industrial, transport, scientific and cultural center and the biggest ocean port of Russia on the pacific coast. Vladivostok provides all major ways of transportation; it is the terminus of Trans-Siberian Railroad, the longest railroad in the world; Vladivostok–Khabarovsk highway, and the most extended air-route of Russia.

Vladivostok has Chamber and Drama Theatres, Puppet Show, Philharmonic Society and Picture Galleries. The Marine Preserve in the vicinity of Vladivostok is a Natural Museum of Local Sea-Life. Streets and buildings of the city account over 200 memorials.