Samara is one of the oldest cities on the river Volga. It was founded in 1586. There are many legends and stories about this region. The history of Samara begins with a legend. Whole districts of old houses with corner turrets and steeples, decorates with wooden fretwork, are preserved in this city. In historical centre of the city one can find examples of different architecture styles: Russian style — the drama theatre; modern style — house of Kurlina; Moresque — one of the biggest Synagogues in Europe, pseudo gothic — roman-catholic church. Samara became twice the capital of Russia during the Second World War and till now you can visit the deepest underground Bunker of Stalin, which has no analog in the world. Samara museums possess rich collections of unique art works.  Also here In Zhiguli Mountains in ice period survived many kinds of animals and plants, which are now seen only in Zhiguli and nowhere else in the world.

Nowadays Samara grew into a large industrial and cultural center.