Before WW1 Murmansk was just a small village. A quite impressing development started after the ice-free harbour was build in 1915–16 and the railroad to Petrograd (Saint Petersburg) and the central parts of Russia was in use. The first name of the city, which officially was founded on the 4th of October 1916, was Romanov-on-Murman, to honour the Tsar-family Romanov. After the revolution Murmansk, the city got it`s present name. Murmansk was occupied by the anti-Bolshevist Intervention-forces in 1918–20.

After WW2 Murmansk was build up again and played an important role for the connections between the Soviet Union and the abroad because it had the only ice-free harbour at the Atlantic coast. Murmansk is today still a Soviet style city. A lot has changed since the Iron Curtain went down, but the look is much of the same, with uniformed concrete buildings.