Krasnoyarsk was founded by Andrey Dubensky in 1624 as a fortress for consolidating Russians on territories, surrounding the Middle Yenisei (large Russian river). The fortress is named Krasny Yar (a steep bank of reddish color) due to its position — it was situated against the background of a high and steep bank of the Yenisey composed mainly of red clay.

When the Trans-Siberian railway was built, it gave the new impulse to the city development. Krasnoyarsk and its suburbs boast picturesque landscapes. Krasnoyarsk is the native city of outstanding Russian artist Surikov. Among the sights of the city are the grandeur bridges, including railway bridges, which deserve the tourists' attention.

 Today Krasnoyarsk is an administrative center in the East Siberian region of Russia with the population of more than 3 million people.